Welcome to Chateau Orlando.

Founded between London and Milan in February 2022 and creatively helmed by the English artist and designer Luke Edward Hall, Chateau Orlando celebrates the joy of living life and doing it well, with optimism, authenticity and romantic imagination.

Known for an output that extends across art, interior and product design, fashion and writing, Luke weaves together an eclectic mix of influences: art history and nature, legends and literature, fantasy and folklore, music and mythology. Imagine, if you will, Lord Byron and Oscar Wilde discussing the Green Man at a discotheque in the Italian alps circa 1983.

Much of what Luke attempts to evoke in his work is a sense and spirit of time and place, one that relates to his experiences but takes on an otherworldly aura in memory...

Chateau Orlando is powered by Wemanage. We manufacture our products responsibly in Italy.